Online Classes

If you can’t make a regular class, then why not join an online class from the comfort and familiarity of your kitchen. These online classes, delivered by Google Meet, take the format of a cookalong. All attendees cook together under my guidance and advice

If you are looking to join a bespoke online event for friends, family or work colleagues, please get in touch

You’ll be sent a list of ingredients you need for the class a week in advance, allowing plenty of time to get everything you need. Recipes are designed to use ingredients widely available. Scheduled online classes cost £12 per household (price does not include ingredients). Prices for private events may vary depending on the number of attendees and choice of menus

You can join from anywhere in the world. Guests have joined from around the UK, from Spain, France, Denmark and the USA

Keep an eye out for new online classes here, on Instagram, FaceBook , or by subscribing to my newletter

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