Quick Dash to Cornwall

We haven’t been to the cottage in Cornwall since May so thought it best to check on the state of the cottage and garden. It is amazing just how some people treat holiday cottages – things go missing, stuff gets broken, rubbish is left to rot in the bin rather than being put out and most surprising of all, a dirty footprint on the kitchen wall!

Having spent Friday painting bedside cabinets and raking leaves – millions of leaves, we did manage to escape from Newhall Green on Saturday lunchtime to eat a wonderful watercress, pea and mint soup at The Strand Cafe in Trebarwith Strand. The cafe is unfortunately closed now for winter, but Kirsty did share her recipe for veggie burgers with me. I hope you don’t mind me sharing your recipe with readers of this blog (don’t worry, there aren’t that many!).



Serve with chili jam


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  1. Kirsty says:

    Glad to see they turned out okay in the end! I forgot to say in my instructions, I roughly chop the celery first…but you know that now! Have just copied down Nigel’s pepper soup recipe, sounds fab!

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