The End of Summer

To celebrate the end of summer and the start of half term holidays, we had an impromptu supper round ours last night. It is a sorry state of affairs when you can call round a group of friends at 24 hours notice and none of us have anything planned so rather than another night in front of X factor and endless repeats of Live At The Apollo, we enjoyed a few glasses of wine, a selection of summery Middle Eastern inspired dishes and heated debate about the state of Britain and the world.

This is all I could fit into shot and as everyone was hungry, I wasn’t allowed much time to take photos. In addition to what you see here we had hummus and potatoes fried with chili


Beetroot and Radish Salad


Taze Fasulye


Filo triangles stuffed with feta, spinach and pine nuts


Ful Medames



2 Comments Add yours

  1. dominic says:

    thanks for inviting us…the ful mesdames were my favourite, had to have seconds.

    1. Ian Fischer says:

      Buy the book and you will know how to make it for yourself 😉

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