Cabbage Pizza

Yeah one of my not so great ideas. Having eaten my way through hundreds of courgettes and runner beans I now need to turn my attention to the cavalo nero running riot on the allotment. So, feeling inspired I wondered what a bread base topped with delicious cavalo nero and perhaps a blue cheese might taste like. I chose Dolcelatte to retain the Italian theme and came up with something that looked rather nice as I took it from the oven. A pizza base (made in the bread machine) topped with cooked and cooled cavalo nero, dotted with creamy dolcelatte, a hint of nutmeg then baked in the oven till crisp and bubbly. Topped with chili infused olive oil and served with a nice cold glass of Chardonnay I asked my wife for her opinion. “The wine is nice” she retorted, then went to the kitchen to get a bag of crisps.



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  1. Helen says:

    Oh what a shame! I quite like the idea of it too.

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