Mezze (of sorts)

What with summer well and truly on its way, what better than a Middle Eastern style Mezze to really get in the mood. I had to add a few twists and compromises based on what I had in the house to cook with at the time. This worked really well together and took about half an hour to prepare it all.


Clockwise from the bottom left

Quinoa Tabbouleh
Toasted Pitta Bread
Ful Medames
Griddled Halloumi
Fried asparagus with chili

I’m not going to post a recipe for toasted pitta bread or griddled halloumi but the I’ll write the others up when I have some time. Admittedly the Ful Medames doesn’t look too appetising here but tastes delicious. Ideally this should be topped with a generous helping of chopped tomatoes and parsley but I used all I had making the taboulleh. Not bad for a Tuesday night after a day’s work and guitar lesson.


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