Busy weekend. Good friends coming for dinner for the first time. It all started on Thursday with a trip to Southall, West London to one of my favourite shops. Having stocked up with vegetables, rice, breads, paneer, chutneys and spices, it was back to number 4 to get started on the menu for Saturday night. I didn’t get round to taking any photos as I was a little nervous and probably quite drunk by the time the food came out, but will write up recipes over the coming days. A lot of food for four people, but seeing as it took three days to prepare I wanted to make sure it would take another three to consume. Inspiration and ideas from Monisha Bharadwaj, Madhur Jaffrey and Vicky Bhogal.

Here is the menu

Vegetable Samosas
Sweet Potato, Paneer and Cashew Nut Kebabs
Baked Aubergines
Potatoes fried with Whole Spices
Peas with Tomatoes and Paneer
Spinach Dal
Bhatura (ok I cheated here and used bought Bhatura)


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  1. Miguel says:

    One of my favourite restaurants is a few dooes away from Quality Foods, Madhu’s:

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